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Salem Insight Offers Services in Four Major Regions of the World


At Salem Insight, We provide strategic advisory, market intelligence, business plan, and business strategy.

Our firm promotes learning and training in statistical packages like SPSS, STATA, EViews, NVIVO, MATLAB, Power BI, R, AMOS, and so on.

We conduct social and market survey, monitoring, and evaluation as well as survey in behavioural economics.

Generally, Salem Insight initiates, undertakes, carry on, engage in, promote, assist, encourage, and conduct surveys, in market and social space. The surveys cover all kinds including, but not limited to those related to economic, fiscal, commercial, financial, agricultural, mining, health, and issues in Nigeria and abroad.

India and China

The Asian continent is a major stronghold of our customer base. We have worked with tens of companies in Indian and China put together. We have also served Indian and Chinese companies in Nigeria.

English Speaking Countries of Europe

Communication is key to our business transactions. Therefore, our official transaction language is English. Because we conduct only English researches, we are positioned to serve only English clients, and so we make our services available to only the English-speaking countries of Europe.

United States of America and Canada

We offer specialized research services in the United States of America, Canada and other English-speaking countries of the North American continents. We have offered research and data services for firms in this continent on freelance services.

36 States in Nigeria

We offer specialized research and business management services in the 36 states of Nigeria. These include but are not limited to trategic advisory, market intelligence, business plan, and business strategy. 

36 States in Nigeria


English Speaking Europe Countries


United States of America & Canada


English Speaking Countries of Asia

Salem Insight Contact

See the following details to reach out to Salem Insight. We endeavor to give immediate response to every enquiry.

Our Office

+234 803 856 5586


6, Amudalat Str. Oke-Odo, Pleasure, Lagos

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 6.00 pm

Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 5.00 pm