Strategic Research for Actionable Insights

Take your enterprise a step above your competitors. Stay updated with your industry trends and data flow.

Know the Truth, Prove the Lies

Research exposes the truth you never knew exist. Data-driven studies reveal the deepest of details about scenarios and provides you with facts to prove your curiosity.

Plan your Moves with Data Insights

No serious businessperson make their moves on guesses. They find the facts and let it lead their passion.

More Data, Less Error

Precision is key to business success. Organized Studies and Scientific Researches open the door for more Precision and Accuracy in Decision Making via the use of data and specialized study insights.

Be Business Bold. Speak with Data.

Data is the scientific recipe for growth management. It commands authority. Business decisons made on data and research findings can never go wrong. Have a taste of what it feels to make data-informed decisions.

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SALEM Insight is a Nigerian-based social and market research company. The organization is managed by seasoned social research professionals and market research experts who mine and refine data to provide solution based insights. Our studies provide stakeholders with in-depth analytics for advancement. We pride ourselves in offering consumer insight that guarantees financial growth and brand sustenance.

Business Advisory

Stop! Take no further business advises except they are inspired by insights from a properly structured study. At SALEM, we want to see more businesses live, and this is only achievable with actionable plans from organized study discoveries. See more

Business Intelligence

How visionary, smart and intelligent can your business management skills be without due market diligence? Your guesses are as good as ours. It is time to stop relying on the vagueness of your guesses and begin to benefit from market research findings. See more


Business Plan

How feasible is your business idea? Don’t dare give a response to this question until you dig its dirt and trends. The brightest of ideas fail to poor plans. What then happens to a business without plan? SALEM works to curb this omen professionally. See more

We Conduct Social and Business Researches.

No Boundaries, No Limits

We serve everyone! We are interested in the growth of every industry, sector and arms of government. That said, we are always available to render professional research help for the advancement of all regardless of your industry sector and social affiliation.

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Call: +234 803 856 5586

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